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Fraudulent practices, stay away!
Would highly, highly advise everyone to STAY AWAY from Mr. Shaukat Darsot and this business of his. A friend and I had purchased 3 tickets in total to fly from Toronto to the UK from Shaukat and some time after the trip we each received letters from Air Canada stating the tickets were purchased with stolen credit cards and payment was not received by Air Canada. Since AC had records of us checking in and using the flights we were held responsible and had to pay AC for the flights again, even though we had already paid Mr Shaukat for them earlier.

Mr. Shaukat was completely unresponsive to us and painted a different picture to AC when he was contacted by them. Also, we filed a complaint with BBB at the time but they stated he was unresponsive as well.

It turns out what Mr Shaukat had done was he, or an accomplice inside AC, had purchased the tickets in our names with stolen credit cards. When the card owners saw the charge on their bills later they refused payment and since we had already checked in and used the flights we were held financially responsible for the flights by AC.

In the end we both had to pay for the flights AGAIN to AC at the actual market price which was much higher than what we paid Mr. Shaukat & he was never held accountable. In hindsight, I guess there were 2 red flags: 1) his ticket price was significantly cheaper than what others were offering at the time and 2) he refused to provide a receipt for the purchase.

Stay away from this business if you also don't want to get defrauded.
He defrauded us of 3 tickets. He purchased them from Air Canada using a stolen credit card and we had to pay AC for the flights again.

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